Most young people in South Carolina use flavored electronic cigarettes

Most young people in South Carolina use flavored electronic cigarettes



The legislative season in South Carolina ended on May 12, and Dr. Kiley was particularly interested in a bill that promised to solve the problem of electronic cigarettes for young people.



He said that a recent tobacco survey showed that 30% of South Carolina youth were still using tobacco products. He added that most of them actually use flavored e-cigarettes.



In contrast, in September 2021, House of Representatives Bill No. 3681 (H3681) passed the Senate and proposed to abolish the power of cities and towns to pass any laws related to electronic cigarettes and tobacco products.



"Section 44-95-45.



(A) Except for the general business license, the political subdivision of this state shall not make any laws, regulations or rules relating to ingredients, spices or permits, involving the sale of the following products:



(1) Cigarettes, as defined in sections 12-21-620;



(2) Electronic smoking devices, electronic cigarette oils, steam products, tobacco products or alternative  products, each of which is defined in sections 16-17-501; perhaps



(3) Other products containing  that can enter the human body through chewing, inhalation, absorption, dissolution, inhalation, etc.



(B) Nothing in this section shall be construed as interfering with the power of the political authorities to determine their public use policies in relation to any of the products referred to in this section, "the Act states.

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